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Dixies' Voice Bulldog Rescue, Inc., does not have a public facility, rather works from a foster network.  Each of the bullies listed in our Bulldogs Seeking Forever Homes gallery are located in various foster homes within our rescue network and we would be happy to schedule a meet and greet with them. 

General Guidelines:

Be at least 21 years old or older

Reside in Indiana, Ohio or Kentucky and be willing to travel to the network location (Indiana, Ohio or Kentucky) where the bulldog is being fostered to meet the bulldog and/or to complete the adoption.  Exception may be made for other states depending on the needs of the bullie

Have no children under the age of 8*

Complete the entire adoption application - leaving blanks only delays the application process Upon application approval, be available for and pass a home visit


*As a general guideline, DVBR and most other rescues do not place bullies into families with children under 8 years old due to young children being unable to understand appropriate Bullie interaction and not fully knowing a Bullie's history. This policy is in both the best interests of the children and our Bullies.

Adoption Procedure: 

Dixies' Voice Bulldog Rescue, Inc. Adoption Coordinators work hard to find the proper match for each of our bullies, to ensure that both the adopting family and the bullie will be happy with the decision. All applicants must go through the adoption process, which is generally as follows: 

1. View our adoptable bullies in our Bulldogs Seeking Forever Homes gallery at http://dixiesvoicebulldogrescueinc.com/bulldogs-seeking-forever-homes 

2. Complete the Adoption Application online at: http://dixiesvoicebulldogrescueinc.com/adoption-application/ 

3. We will then review your application, and if appropriate, schedule a time for you to meet the bullie(s) of interest

4.   If the meet and greet goes well, we then schedule a home visit to complete the remainder of the adoption process. If you rent, we require a copy of your lease agreement and proof that your pet deposit has been paid. If you own, we do ask that you make sure through your HOA that there are no size/breed restrictions. You can also review the adoption agreement at: http://dixiesvoicebulldogrescueinc.com/adoption-agreement/ 

5. All members of the adoptive household must meet the pet. Adopter must provide vaccination records of all current resident pets. 

6. Our policy requires that an adopter be at least 21 years of age, however, if you feel that you are a qualified adopter over the age of (18) then we will take into consideration your adoption application and discuss with our review committee. The determination to approve will be made on criteria based on proof of your ability to provide all around proper care for the pet, including financially. 

7. Complete the Adoption Agreement and supply requested donation.   Our adoption donation fees range from $300.00 to $600 for fully vetted bullies including spay/neuter and microchip.

Bullies adopted from Dixies' Voice Bulldog Rescue, Inc., will be up-to-date on vaccinations appropriate for their age, on flea and heartworm presentative if of age, as well as spayed or neutered and micro chipped