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Adoption Contract Example

Dixie’s Voice Bulldog Rescue (DVBR)

Adoption Contract

Adopter Name:   _____________________________________________________________

Co-Adopter Name:____________________________________________________________

Complete Address: ____________________________________________________________

Home Phone: _______________________________Cell: _____________________________

E-mail Address:________________________________________________________________

Driver’s License Number or Photo ID:_____________________________________________

Name of Bulldog: ______________________________Age/ Birth Date___________________

Microchip Number:________________________ Color(s)/Markings: ____________________

Important Contact Information :


DVBR-authorized Volunteer: ___________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________ E-mail: __________________________________________



Dixies' Voice Bulldog Rescue, Inc. (DVBR) is a not-for-profit organization. DVBR volunteers provide foster care for homeless Bulldogs, place Bulldogs in new homes, and provide education and counseling for Bulldog owners and adopters. In this role, DVBR has made available a Bulldog to the person(s) referred to below as Adopter, for the furtherance of its mission and the benefit of the Bulldog.


The Adopter desires to adopt the dog described above and therefore agrees to this Contract, also for the benefit of the Bulldog, and in expectation of the joy and companionship to be provided by the dog.


Therefore, this contract is made between the Dixie’s Voice Bulldog Rescue, Inc. (DVBR) as represented by the

DVBR -authorized Volunteer ______________________________________________________

and the Adopter_____________________________________(“Adopter”), on behalf of the Bulldog _______________________________ (“Bulldog”). If “Adopter” means more than one person, then all persons will have full responsibility for this contract’s duties.


Duties of the Adopter

The Adopter agrees to the following:


a)     The Adopter will provide proper food, fresh water, and physical and emotional care of the Bulldog. The Adopter will supply housing within the home because a Bulldog cannot be considered a kennel dog or outdoor dog.

b)     Veterinary care:  The Adopter will take the Bulldog to annual veterinarian checkups.

c)     The Adopter will keep the Bulldog up to date on all vaccines and annually have the Bulldog checked by a veterinarian. The Bulldog will be kept on monthly heartworm preventative in areas of the country where heartworm is prevalent, and on a flea/tick program, as recommended by the veterinarian. If the Bulldog ever tests positive for heartworm, proper heartworm treatment will be performed immediately at the expense of the Adopter.

d)    The Adopter is responsible for any and all veterinarian bills incurred for the life of this Bulldog. The Adopter agrees to supply the name and contact information for the Bulldog’s veterinarian to the DVBR Volunteer. DVBR reserves the right to verify care by contacting the Adopter’s veterinarian. If the Bulldog’s health care is not kept up to date, DVBR reserves the right to reclaim the Bulldog.

e)     The Adopter agrees to comply with all state and local laws related to keeping the Bulldog including leash laws, licensing, and proper use of identifying tags. The Adopter will never chain or tether the Bulldog.

f)      The Adopter agrees to keep DVBR informed of any address, phone or email changes. The Adopter agrees to allow a DVBR volunteer to inspect the Adopter’s dwelling with one day (24 hours) notice.

g)     The Adopter understands that this placement is for a “forever home.” This Bulldog will NEVER be sold, given away, abandoned or surrendered to a shelter or another rescue group. The Adopter will immediately notify DVBR if the Bulldog is lost or stolen.

h)     The Adopter agrees to return the Bulldog to a DVBR-authorized volunteer if for any reason or no reason the Adopter cannot keep the Bulldog.

i)       The Adopter agrees to permit a DVBR Volunteer to observe the premises where the Bulldog is or will be living upon one day (24 hours) notice. The DVBR Volunteer may claim and remove the Bulldog at that time if, in the opinion of the DVBR Volunteer, the Bulldog is in ill health caused by neglect or shows signs of abuse. As stated in this contract, no compensation will be payable to the Adopter.

j)       DVBR will not place through rescue a Bulldog with a known history of biting people. Nonetheless, the Adopter understands that any animal may bite if provoked. The Adopter will use due care, caution and sound judgment when allowing people or other pets near this Bulldog. The Adopter will never allow anyone to abuse the Bulldog; this includes (but is not limited to) to hit, threaten, poke, squeeze, sit or step on, or pose a threat to this Bulldog.

k)     The Adopter agrees to notify the DVBR-authorized Volunteer in the event of family separation, divorce or other event and to advise DVBR of which party the Bulldog will be living with and any changes in personal and contact information.

l)       In the event the Adopter is no longer able to keep the Bulldog, it is the Adopter’s responsibility to return the Bulldog to a DVBR-authorized Volunteer. The Adopter understands that DVBR may not be in a position to take the Bulldog into foster care immediately. It will be the Adopter’s responsibility to care for the Bulldog properly or obtain veterinary or other approved boarding at the Adopter’s expense until DVBR can accept the dog back into the rescue. The Adopter agrees to transport or pay for transportation to the Volunteer if so requested.

m)   All photographs or text related to the ongoing life of the Bulldog that are provided to a DVBR Volunteer will be the property of DVBR, Inc. The Adopter will not claim copyright or other ownership of these materials, unless agreed otherwise for an individual photograph or verbal or written update.


Duties of DVBR and its Volunteers:

a)     The DVBR Volunteer agrees to provide initial and ongoing instructions regarding care as well as health records.

b)     The Bulldog has been spayed or neutered prior to placement. ___ (check if true) Or see attached agreement. ____ (check if applicable)

c)     In the event that the Adopter cannot keep the Bulldog, DVBR agrees to accept the Bulldog back into foster and rescue care. The DVBR Volunteer agrees to make an effort to accept the Bulldog promptly upon notice from the Adopter. Nonetheless, it will be the Adopter’s responsibility to care for the Bulldog properly or pay for veterinary or other approved boarding at Adopter's expense until DVBR can accept the Bulldog back into the rescue.


Waiver of Liability

DVBR will not knowingly place a dog with an unsound temperament, but no one can predict how any dog will react in a given situation. Adopters are strongly urged to use caution when introducing a rescue dog to new situations. DVBR makes no claims, representations or warranties regarding the current or future health, temperament or behavior of the rescued Bulldog. DVBR will not be liable for any damage caused by the Bulldog once the Bulldog is in the possession of the Adopter.

Special Clauses

The parties agree that failure by the Adopter to honor the duties of this contract will result in liquidated damages of $1000.00 payable to the DVBR Volunteer from whom the Bulldog was adopted. All legal fees and court costs necessary to enforce this contract or recover damages suffered by DVBR will be the obligation of the Adopter.


This is an integrated contract: all promises, discussions or information exchange that are not written into this contract are void when this contract is signed. The parties agree that failure by either party to enforce one part of the contract will not affect the enforceability of any other part. This contract cannot be sold, assigned or enforced by any other parties during the life of the Bulldog.


The Adopter agrees to pay an adoption fee in the amount of $________________ for the care of current and future Bulldogs coming into rescue.



I, the Adopter, hereby accept possession of the Bulldog as is and at my own risk. In consideration of being allowed to adopt this Bulldog, I release and waive any rights against DVBR and any and all of their volunteers which I have now or in the future for any damages to person or pet or property caused by this Bulldog.


Adopter Signature___________________________________________    Date_____________

Adopter Signature___________________________________________    Date_____________

DVBR Volunteer Signature___________________________________     Date_____________

Alternate Contact (Name and Telephone Number of someone we can contact to find out how the Bulldog is doing if we can't reach you for some reason: _________________________________________________________