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Disclaimer/Release of Liability

The Adoption Application requests detailed personal information from you. BCA Rescue Network members may obtain additional information about you through contacts with veterinarians and/or landlords. The information is used by BCA Rescue Network members solely in evaluating your qualifications to adopt a Bulldog and in deciding whether you are the most suitable adopter for a particular Bulldog.The Bulldog Club of America, the BCA Rescue Network, the Internet Service provider and other parties cannot be responsible for loss or damages to you caused by improper release of information.

Statement of Applicant:

By completing the adoption application, I certify that I have read and understood the above Disclaimer and the BCA Rescue Network's Privacy Policy.

I am voluntarily submitting the requested application information online at my own risk.

I release the Bulldog Club of America, the BCA Rescue Network, the Internet Service provider and any and all other parties involved in developing, using and maintaining this site from any claims of liability due to release of any information contained in, or related to, my Adoption Application.

If there are children in your household that are 8 years old or younger, we cannot place a dog with you for liability reasons without the execution of a Hold Harmless Agreement. Under no circumstances will Dixies' Voice Bulldog Rescue, Inc., knowingly place a Bulldog with known aggression issues in homes with children 8 years old or younger even with an executed Hold Harmless Agreement.