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We dream of a world where rescue is no longer needed

Give to sponsor a bulldog

Sponsor a Bullie

Even if you're not able to adopt a bulldog today, you can help a bulldog by sponsoring his or her care while he or she waits to find a new home. When you sponsor a bulldog, you are helping DVBR continue to provide the best care for both our long term/permanent fosters AND incoming bulldogs.   

With the support of our dedicated Sponsors, we are able to care for our bullies’ needs, including shelter pull fees, vetting, spaying and neutering, medications, behavioral issues, and items that make our bullies’ lives more comfortable and enjoyable while waiting for their forever homes.

There is absolutely no minimum or maximum on sponsors for our bulldogs.  Some dogs have notations about needed medical care. You can donate any amount, big or small, to this needed care. Care will range from their initial veterinary visit to x-rays or heartworm treatments. 

By becoming a sponsor, together, we can continue to give them all the medical care and attention they need. To show our appreciation of your sponsorship, you will receive a personalized THANK YOU from the bulldog you sponsor.  In addition your name will be listed as a sponsor on this web page.