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Permanent Fosters

Sometimes there are bullies who have too many issues to be adopted.  These sweet old souls will live out the remainder of their lives in a warm, loving, and caring foster home. 





Hi! I am a very happy and fairly healthy old man! I am 14 3/4 years old!!! I love to sun myself and roll around in the yard! Let me tell ya though its tough being an old man. It's not all fun and games. I have been undergoing cold laser therapy on my joints to help with arthritis. . They are helping a bunch. I require pain medication and anti inflammatory medication so I can stay comfortable when I walk around. My foster mom stays on top of that for me! I also have a heated bed provided to me from one of my fans that helps me on cold nights.  I was really scared the other day and so was my family... I  choked on my food.  I am having a bit of trouble remembering how to swallow sometimes. So all that food cut off my airway. They are making my food soft for me and are watching over me each time I eat. They only give me little bits at a time. I don't understand why I only get a little food in my bowl but I am happy each time they add more! Please consider sponsoring me! My medications are very expensive and I would love to continue living out the rest of my years pain free! You can sponsor me here.