Dixies' Voice Bulldog Rescue, Inc.

Volunteers dedicated to the English Bulldog Breed



We dream of a world where rescue is no longer needed

Who rescued who?

Dixies' Voice Bulldog Rescue is always looking for caring volunteers! We are always in need of foster homes. You can provide temporary housing for rescued Bulldogs, even if only overnight in an emergency.

If fostering isn’t for you, we also need help with home checks, transport, shelter checks, and visits to dogs who are being surrendered. Donations. Donating food, medications, equipment, supplies and auction items. We also accept monetary donations through personal checks or Paypal.

If you are more interested in the social aspect of rescue you can help with fundraising events.
Help us with socializing and training rescued dogs. Give advice to current Bulldog owners to help them keep the Bulldog instead of giving him/her up to the rescue program. Contact animal shelters and veterinarians to get their commitment to call Bulldog rescue when they know of a Bulldog that needs a new home. Post rescue fliers or business cards at vets offices, animal shelters, pet supply stores, and other places dog lovers visit.

Educate people about the importance of buying puppies only from reputable breeders. Tell everyone you know never to buy puppies from casual/backyard breeders, pet stores or puppy mills.

If you have the time and are ready to roll up your sleeves to help a Bulldog in need, fill out a Volunteer Application today!  All volunteer applicants are subject to the same rigorous standards that our adopters must meet, because only the best will do for a Bulldog. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you after you submit your volunteer application.

Please allow up to two weeks to be contacted. Thank you on behalf of all our Bullies!